Ted Cruz, 2020 and a Master Politician

Ted Cruz is holding on... He is doubling-down... Maybe quadrupling-down, really

After yesterday imploring Republicans on the 3rd evening of the RNC in CLE to "vote your conscience" (i.e. "Flip ya' The Donald) Ted is speaking right now in Cleveland not backing off an inch, under extreme pressure to back off his "non-endorsement" of Trump.

He said: " I am not in the habit of supporting people who attack my wife and attack my father."

So, so improbable he wouldn't eventually fall in line. Whoa. Ted has got some mojo. This is the 2020 game. And he is betting Trump loses BIG in November. A close race and CRUZ will be the spoiler and the vitriol he has currently incited will look like a routine dental checkup, versus the Tijuana Root Canal that he might have in store...

Gotta give it to the guy. What a ballsy card to play, but I reckon no matter what he can spin this to be Cruz=Principled which in an ongoing current of voter anti-incumbency, anti-insider, anti-professional politician, this may be the wisest card to play.