I Survived my 1st Reddit AmA

The Subreddit /r/hapas hosted me last week

I received less trolling than I'd expected, which is mostly nice, yet a little disappointing too.

/r/hapas is no stranger to controversial themes. 

The gist of the "sub" goes as follows:

  1. Asian females have a predilection to outmarry specifically with white men (why? according to my observations of the consensus on /r/hapas they would say [and correct me if I'm wrong] this is due to a cocktail of "white worship" [both latent and covert] and the Asian streak of pragmatism which says why not join em [i.e. in terms of Western beauty standards, for example], if you can't beat 'em.)
  2. Asian women, as a consequence of this predilection plus acting upon, cannot help but be systematically disposed to belittle and demean Asian men.
  3. So, if the "White Male-Asian Female" union results in offspring, daughters are OK [correct me if I am wrong, but presumably daughters are OK because according to /r/hapas half-Asian daughters can always be offered up to the altar of White men, which of course satisfies the white man in addition to fulfilling the motives of the Asian woman]. Half-Asian daughters generally stand to grow up well-adjusted, according to /r/hapas .
  4. But if the "White Male-Asian Female" union results in male offspring, then there is a problem. Sons of "WMAF" are, according to my observations of the consensus on /r/hapas , destined to be diminished by their own mothers for being too Asian and surprisingly vivid reminders of the Asian-ness these mothers were trying to evade. In the meantime, these sons of "WMAF" aren't White enough for their fathers. A real conundrum. Too much of one thing, and not enough of the other. According to the consensus view, these sons will never be "man" enough for their fathers, their Asian appearance itself being instantaneous demerits against "masculinity."

There is truthiness to what these guys say. We got into it during the AmA. I accept that there may be particular difficulties with mixed identity faced by those of particular "WMAF" backgrounds. And I don't trivialize any of those issues; the inability to grow up as part-Asian with only a straitjacketed definition of masculinity defined solely in Western terms is not good, to say the least. 

But I note two major flaws with their platform: 1) a blanket dislike and distrust of Asian women to the extent it flirts with misogyny; 2) a lingering, non-denunciation of murderers like Elliott Roger, presumably because despite his crimes he furthers the /r/hapas hypothesis that "White Male-Asian Female" half-Asian sons are ticking timebombs as a result of the sins of their parents.

These are big flaws... And, without addressing these two issues, the truthiness that may exist...Well, it kind of falls over on itself... The raw anger is left too exposed. For those of us who choose reason over anger, we can't do anything with this in its current state.

To be continued...

In the meantime, check out the AmA and hit me up with some follow up questions!