No bias. That is the only way

When we talk about race and racism, when we talk about Black Lives Matter or discrimination or sociology or colonialism or oppression and assume we are talking about being mixed we fool ourselves. These are side topics. They are the lobster macaroni and creamed spinach. The coal face of being mixed is none of these things. The heart of being mixed is dealing with conflicting ideas. That is all. When we jump into colonialism and racism and so forth, as our starting engagement with being mixed we make a whopping and unnecessary error.

Who is to say mixed people can't be racist? Who is to say mixed people cannot ipso facto (by the very fact of their existence) be colonizers? Of course we can be. But rather than immediately suppose that being racist and being colonial is wrong, AKA borrow someone else's justice framework and apply it from above, I say going to basics is the only way. What are people doing today? Where are people truly at today? What are the fundamental conflicts that people have to juggle, the real ones, I mean the ones not that they will knee-jerk talk about but the ones they need to divulge?

Rather than be trigger-happy with value judgments I say that to be mixed everything has to come under question. That is the only way. That is the only starting block to begin this marathon.

No bias. That is the only way.