Why I Wrote the Book

The hotel developer who wants to build a new resort in a stunning but remote island faces a classic conundrum: he can only fill hotel rooms if there are enough flights, but the airlines won’t fly unless there are enough passengers.

It is a practical problem- and I would know. The hotel developer is dealing with tourists who want to get to the island, while he is also dealing with practical airlines who want to ensure any new routes are positive for them in terms of risk versus reward. 

When I set out to write my book Beyond Eurasian and Hapa: Bridging a Chinese-Western Identity, I anticipated a conundrum akin to the hotel developer paradox above.

How do you write for an audience that doesn't exist?

I've been daydreaming about this audience. Yes there are facts and statistics I could point to. Cold figures that are supposed to say this audience of mixed people exists and they are looking for "meat," in the unaddressed space between too academic Critical Mixed Race Studies and too low-brow, snaptastic eurasian-celebrity-lifestyle. Nothing is that clear-cut though. There is plenty of speculation involved. And there is a % of this exercise of defining an audience of a new product or idea that is utter hallucination. Guesswork is a nice way to put it. Yet these are unknown unknowns.

But audience or not. I wrote this book for myself. If anything, I hope that underlying sincerity comes through. If I can do that and only that I will be very, very happy.

Kindle version drops tomorrow!