5pm Sept 29th How The Wanchai Police HQ Standoff Began #OccupyCentral

This was about 5pm, earlier today. Near one of the ol' stalwarts: "American Restaurant" in Wanchai, on the onramp to Gloucester Rd., opposite the Hong Kong Police Headquarters a brand new standoff occurred.

Right now, at 1:40am tonight it is turning out to be one of the most tense standoffs between the protestors and the police. The fact that it is happening meters away from the very symbol and main organ of the HK Police, their Arsenal Street complex, in addition to their ingress and egress point for all manner of HK Island-based vehicles and personnel makes it obviously a transit point the HK Police cannot cede.

I was there this afternoon to capture the moments when protestors took the skybridge leading down to the standoff line, shooing away a whole column of passenger vehicles. Here are the photos: