2iB: Practical Examples

2iB Examples: 

Earlier this Summer I wrote a few posts (here, here, and here) on "2iB." This is my handy mnemonic: integrity; intensity; BALANCE.

These are in the form of the three questions that a user of the 2iB mnemonic might ask herself or himself...

NB: the third question splits into two because balancing can tip both ways.


Running for Freshman Class President:

·      What can I do for you?

·      How do I get elected?

o   How do I govern?

o   How do I campaign for reelection?

On a Date:

·      Do I have any disclosures to make?

·      What do those assertions say about his or her credit history or mental health?

o   Should I slow down?

o   Should I go for it?

At a Party:

·      What champagne does the host really like?

·      Who must I say hi to?

o   Do I really need to clean up my mess in the toilet?

o   Is there an empty glass or two that I can pick up?

At the Gym:

·      How do I control my breathing?

·      One more interval?

o   Did I leave everything on the floor?

o   Could I have done one more rep?


·      What is the scope of needs, and where is the greatest need?

·      Where will I make the largest impact?

o   Did I give too little?

o   May I pay in installments?

On The Farm:

·      Is this life form sentient?

·      Is there a way to sustainably bring it to market?

o   Can I increase quality?

o   Can I increase quantity?

As a Hostage:

·      Is there humanity left in my captor”

·      Would I hesitate for a second if a door to escape opened?

o   Shall I try to make my captor pity me?

o   Shall I show my captor my strength?

At University Registrar’s Office:

·      What can I learn today?

·      What major scores the most job interviews?

o   Did I learn to learn?

o   Is the inexpungible student debt burden worth it?

Business Meeting:

·      How can I help you? How can my friends help you?

·      Watch me chisel. OK?

o   How can I squeeze you for better terms at the eleventh hour?

o   Shall I leave something on the table?

Starting a Company:

·      What is my passion?

·      What is the Market Size?

o   What do I want for a legacy?

o   Is work/life balance relevant?


I like 2iB, not so much because of the components, it's the sequence that makes it handy- good intentions to begin with, a little dust-up, finished off with some housekeeping is the 1-2-3 punch that works.

What mnemonics do you use? What helps calm you down, or fire you up, or give you a fighting chance out of a jackpot? Share them in the comments!